2000 - 2001 Programme

Programme Summary

Date Event
18th Sep 2000 Data Protection
2nd Oct 2000 The Munros through Windows
25 Oct 2000 The Glasgow Branch Annual Student Bash 2000
6th Nov 2000 Aspects of the Internet
4 Dec 2000 Visit to ABACUS Virtual Reality Laboratory
15 Jan 2000 Virus scanning on the Web
12 Feb 2001 Putting the e into e-commerce
12 Mar 2001 Hands-on Multimedia Workshop at Glasgow Caledonian University
17 Mar 2001 Dinner and Ceilidh - The Piping Centre, Glasgow
2 Apr 2001 Reconstructing Faces
14 May 2001 Configuration Management
11 Jun 2001 BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2001

Programme Detail

Data Protection

Date Monday 18th September 2000
Convenor Paul Goldfinch
Speaker Professor Ian J Lloyd (Director of Centre for Law, Computers and Technology at the University of Strathclyde)

The leading Data Protection expert, Professor Ian Lloyd, spoke about the impact of recent legislation and the effect on businesses.

Data Protection legislation has had a significant impact on the activities of UK companies since the 1984 act came into force. Professor Lloyd will outline the new issues that have arisen as a consequence of the passing of the 1998 Act which wholly replaces its predecessor.


The Munros through Windows

Date Monday 2nd October 2000
Convenor Laurie Borthwick
Speaker Dr Iain R. White (ISYS Computers)
The Munros through Windows

Dr Iain R. White gave a very impressive demonstration of his software for Munro Baggers, "The Munros Through Windows 3"

A keen hillwalker, Iain developed this practical and fascinating interactive multimedia program using modern object-oriented software techniques. It is a tool which allows creation of vector maps, route cards and logs as well as containing an amazing 600 photographs plus video clips, music, songs and slide shows. You can even listen to the correct Gaelic pronounciation of the names of the hills!

Iain spoke about the development of the software over the past six years and gave tips to budding software developers. He also shared his insight into what is necessary to create and control a multimedia program of this complexity, how to convert a program into a successful commercial product and what it takes to support thousands of customers.

The presentation was followed by a lively Q & A session.


BCS Glasgow Branch Annual Student Bash 2000

Date 25 October 2000
Convenor Martine McFarlane (YPG representative)

As always, the branch invited students from Universities and Colleges in the neighbouring areas to sample the hospitality, hear the benefits of BCS membership and to take away as many leaflets and magazines as they could carry.

This year, the response of students appeared to concentrate mainly on the the Universities in the local area, but was considered a success, and this year held it's own against the competition from the football match.

As always, the event was informal. Alan Crombie (Contractor in Human Technology Interaction, and active member of the branch committee), encouraged the audience to "boldly go where they have not been before" through his introduction to the BCS. This was followed by a student member's point of view from the Martine McFarlane, active member on the branch and YPG committees and, more importantly the one who did not want to carry all the leaflets, CDs, books and magazines back home!

Committee members mingled among the students and answered any questions or queries asked of them. Leaflets, CDs, books, magazines and application forms were distributed to those in attendance.

Students were invited to come and join in future events organised by the Glasgow Branch, and to visit the branch's website on a regular basis.


Aspects of the Internet

Date Monday 6th November 2000
Convenor Alan Crombie
Speaker Frank Binnie - ScotlandIS

Frank Binnie addressed a well attended and lively meeting. He covered the geography and recent history of the Internet and led up to the founding of ScotlandIS. He outlined the services that ScotlandIS currently offers and its plans for the future.

The topic of a domain name for Scotland provoked much discussion and the evening concluded with a vote of thanks from the Chair.


Visit to ABACUS Virtual Reality Laboratory

Date 4th December 2000 1730hrs
Convenor Donald Bell
Speaker Malcolm Lindsay

The ultimate virtual reality laboratory visit.


Virus scanning on the Web

Date Monday 15th January 2001
Convenor Brian Ward
Speaker Mark Sunner (Star Computers)

Mark Sunner of Messagelabs braved the cold of a January night to come to Glasgow and spread the good news of the Messagelabs/Star fight against the hordes of virus-spreaders. He described in a compelling fashion the evolution of the Messagelabs virus-scanning product (a very powerful combination of major league hardware and software) into a carrier-class anti-virus product which can rightly claim to be in the premier league of the global AV community. The detail of the situation can be read in this edited version of the white paper - MS Word and the web sites referred to in the paper.


Putting the e into e-commerce

Date Monday 12th February 2001
Convenor Paul Goldfinch
Speaker Rob Rolston (I S Manager, Scottish Youth Hostels Association)

SYHA is the largest accommodation provider in Scotland. Rob Ralston will describe the ways in which the Association has sought to benefit from the opportunities of e-commerce and some of the problems and benefits which have been encountered.


Hands-on Multimedia Workshop at Glasgow Caledonian University

Date 12 March 2001
Convenor William McKee

Another highly successful multimedia night thanks to the hospitality of Glasgow Caledonian University. Morphing, Cubase, Web Design and Web Phone were just a few of the delights available for hands-on fun.


Dinner and Ceilidh - The Piping Centre, Glasgow

Date 17th March 2001
Convenor Pat Crawford

bagpipes The social event of the year! A wonderful night was had by all at the Ceilidh which promises to be a regular event on the BCS Glasgow calendar. Dinner was followed by an evening of entertainment of song, music and dancing.

We were fortunate to have two marvellous singers on Saturday night. Iain Inglis performed a wide range of songs from Scotland, an Irish song for St Patrick's Night and a side-splittingly funny American song (for no particular reason except that it was funny!). Iain and his wife, Margaret, were also kind enough to lead the dancing - thanks to both of them for keeping our Stathspeys in order!

Karine Davison, a Mezzo Soprano, sang some haunting ballads and a selection of street songs. An extra bonus was an impromptu performance by Karine's husband Ian who sang some of his own compositions for us.

Dancing to the sound of the accomplished accordianist and a young piper ensured a traditional Scottish atmosphere.

We were particularly pleased to greet our friends from the Young Professional Group HQ and the Edinburgh Project Management Specialist Group.

Martine's deadly weaponMartine wielded a very professional camera so - WATCH THIS SPACE!


Reconstructing Faces

Date 2nd April 2001
Convenor Donald Bell
Speaker Dr Paul Siebert

Dr Paul Siebert Director of the Faraday Centre in the Computing Science Department of Glasgow University


Configuration Management

Date 14th May 2001
Convenor Eddie Gray
Speaker Umang Patel and Rob Blackwood

BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2001

Date 11th June 2001