2001 - 2002 Programme

Programme Summary

Date Event
8th Oct 2001 Is the Indian Software Industry Mature?
5th Nov 2001 Presentation on the new Glasgow Science Centre
26th Nov 2001 Introduction to programming with Java applets
3rd Dec 2001 The BCS Glasgow Christmas Lecture
14th Jan 2002 Aspects of GPS (Global Positioning System)
11th Feb 2002 The Role of ICT in the University of the Highlands and Islands
16th Mar 2002 BCS Glasgow Dinner & Ceilidh
8th Apr 2002 Latest Developments in BCS in Scotland
13th May 2002 Continuing Professional Development
10th Jun 2002 BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2002

Programme Detail

Is the Indian Software Industry Mature?

Date Monday 8th October 2001
Convenor Pat Crawford
Speaker Raju Oak of Mastek (UK)
Raju Oak Presentation

From left to right:

Donald Bell, Phil Britten, Raju Oak, Kafai Cheng

Photograph: Martine MacFarlane

Raju Oak provided background information on the phenomenon of the Indian software industry with particular focus on offshore outsourcing and the software quality processes typically employed within an Indian software house (SEI SW-CMM etc).

An absorbing presentation was followed by an enthusiastic question and answer session. Raju gave thoughtful answers and offered food for further thought. Only the timing of the London flight forced this stimulating meeting to an end.

Many thanks to Raju and Phil Britten for making the long journey north to Glasgow to give us this excellent presentation.

Raju has kindly allowed us to make his presentation available from this site. You may download the Zip file or the PowerPoint file.

This meeting was arranged through PROMS-G, the BCS Special Interest Group in Scotland for Project Managers.

Hosts: Kafai Cheng & Martine McFarlane


Presentation on the new Glasgow Science Centre

Date Monday 5th November 2001
Convenor Laurie Borthwick
Speaker David Grimmer of the GSC

Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow Science Centre at Pacific Quay on the banks of the River Clyde is Glasgow's newest and most spectacular landmark. David Grimmer fired our imagination with an introduction to the GSC on Guy Fawks Night ... and he managed to make himself heard over the sounds of rockets and bangers from the festivities outside!.

The GSC is the venue for many exciting exhibitions, events, presentations, workshops, seminars and it recently hosted the prestigious BA Festival of Science. It was wonderful to find out more about this national treasure.

Glasgow branch hope to organise a trip to the GSC in the near future ... watch this space!


Introduction to programming with Java applets

Date Monday 26th November 2001
Convenor Donald Bell
Speaker Donald Bell

- A Bring Your Laptop Java Event


In the first of what we hope will be a series of "hands-on" sessions, Donald Bell demonstrated the creation of a Java Applet.

Several participants joined in the Java fun with Donald in a computer laboratory in Strathclyde University. All the necessary computing materials were provided including a CD to install the compiler, notes and a floppy disc with examples.

Java applications included the inevitable "Hello World" program and an applet to draw the BCS "key" logo. The crowning glory of the evening was an applet to put a clock on the screen which involved getting the time information from the system, displaying the numbers as a digital clock and updating the display once a every second.


The BCS Glasgow Christmas Lecture

Date Monday 3rd December 2001
Speaker Duncan Smeed - BCS Glasgow
Duncan through the eyes of a kindly artist

Our traditional Christmas Smeed lecture is one of the most popular events in our calendar. This year, Duncan thrilled his audience with his treatise on "The Current Place of the Silicon Chip in Society".


Aspects of GPS (Global Positioning System)

Date Monday 14th January 2002
Convenor Donald Bell
Speakers Dr Iain White, Donald Bell & Brian Ward

A fascinating overview of GPS devices and their applications in the mountains, in-car and in town.

Hand-held navigational aids are becoming more efficient and evermore manageable. Just as our ancestors journeyed using the stars to guide their paths, so we use satellite to guide our steps though the 21st Century.

Personal accounts of experience with these devices made this a useful and interesting presentation. The speakers brought a variety of hand-held GPS devices to show to the audience.


The Role of ICT in the University of the Highlands and Islands

Date Monday 11th February 2002
Convenor Eddie Gray
Speaker Jem Taylor (UHI Millennium Institute Directorate, Inverness)

ICT is becoming increasingly important and essential in all aspects of life, not the least education. Most people concentrate on the technology but the speaker made the case that, rather than concentrate on the data networks, more emphasis should be placed on the capital expenditure side, i. e. how to make money.

More information on the University of the Highlands and Islands can be found at http://www.uhi.ac.uk


BCS Glasgow Dinner & Ceilidh

Date Saturday 16th March 2002
David Leslie & Vicki Brown 2001

The Piping Centre, McPhater Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow

A traditional dinner followed by an evening of music and dance.

By popular request, last year's inaugural ceilidh has now been established as an annual event.

BCS Glasow Ceilidh 2002 was another resounding success and the committee would like to thank everyone who made the effort to join us on the night.


Latest Developments in BCS in Scotland

Date Monday 8th April 2002
Convenor Iain R. White
Speakers Dr Iain White, Brian Ward, Martine MacFarlane and Donald Bell

The evening started with an update on BCS in Scotland from Dr Iain White, Chairman of the BCS in Scotland. He made particular mention of the work done by the sub-committee commenting on the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) which was spearheaded by David Leslie of Edinburgh Branch and of the preparatory work of the sub-committee for the Scottish Schools Competition.

Brian Ward gave a presentation on the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) and Martine MacFarlane updated the audience on activities of the SYPG ( Scottish Young Professionals Group), including the recent Programming Competition. Donald Bell, Chairman of the Glasgow Branch, followed up with some remarks on local issues.


Continuing Professional Development

Date Monday 13th May 2002
Convenor Eddie Gray
Speaker David Leslie (Deputy Chief Professional Development Inspector, BCS CPD mentor, Edinburgh area

The BCS Code of Conduct requires us to seek to upgrade our knowledge and skills, and to maintain awareness of relevant developments. The process is called Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and, of course, we all do it; but are we doing it effectively?

kolb cycleIn his inspirational talk, David considered CPD in different work situations, and at different career stages, and also made comparisons with CPD in other professions. David used the Kolb cycle to illustrate the continous cycle of development and reflection that makes for effective CPD.

A lively discussion followed the talk and many left the meeting determined to write up their notes for the year. Your very own webmistress was finally jolted into action and she is now the proud owner of two CPD certificates.

Kudos to David Leslie!


BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2002

Date Monday 10th June 2002
Chair Dr Iain R. White