2006 - 2007 Programme

All events unless otherwise stated will be held in the Lord Todd Conference Room, Strathclyde University. The Lord Todd is entered from Collins Street (on which parking is readily available); see the map on the venue page.

Events start at 6.30 p.m. Usually, there will be a light buffet from 6.00 p.m. Non members are welcome to all meetings. Branch meetings qualify for BCS CPD credit.

Programme Summary

Date Event
2 Oct 2006 Voice over IP
1 Nov 2006 Visit to BT Showcase (Edinburgh)
6 Nov 2006 The Sado-Masochistic Caravan and other experiences of a Computing Expert Witness
4 Dec 2006 Christmas Guest Lecture - Internet Security
25 Jan 2007 The BCS/IET Turing Lecture 2007
5 Feb 2007 making wonders
13 Feb 2007 Ayr Inaugural Meeting - Making Biometric solutions work
5 Mar 2007 Second Lives: Business, Play and Education in Virtual Worlds
2 Apr 2007 Protecting your bits - in defence of digital liberties
16 Apr 2007 Digital Design Studio visit
14 May 2007 Digital Forensics
4 Jun 2007 BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2007 (with Annual ICT Jobs review)
22 & 23 Jun 2007 BCS Glasgow Branch - Jubilee Events

Programme Detail

Voice over IP

Date Monday 2nd October 2006
Convenor Calum Morrell
Speaker Peter Gradwell (VOIP Systems Ltd)

Internet technology and the future of communications.


Visit to BT Showcase (Edinburgh)

Date Wednesday 1st November 2006
Time 3 pm (Edinburgh)
Convenor Rod Blackwood
Speaker BT Staff

Visit theme - Networking Futures

A collage of Hands-on demos and talks on the latest networking applications.

Includes RFID, Alarm monitoring, Smart tagging, Vehicle and people tracking, Remote classroom, Home working, Mobility, Broadband Video-Conferencing, VIOP, etc.

This event is bookable: Max numbers 35 with transport and refreshments provided. Transport leaves Glasgow at 1.30 pm.

Place reservations available from rod_blackwood@hotmail.com - first come first served - please state number required and if you are a member. Guests are welcome when accompanied by a member.


The Sado-Masochistic Caravan and other experiences of a Computing Expert Witness

Date Monday 6th November 2006
Convenor Sean MacKay
Speaker Dr John Race (Race Associates)

Actual cases and court room experiences from one of the UK’s leading computing Expert Witnesses.


Christmas Guest Lecture - Internet Security

Date Monday 4th December 2006
Time 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (meeting begins at 6:30 pm)
Location Rm. L13.18 Livingstone Tower, University of Strathclyde, 26 Richmond Street, Glasgow
Convenor Eddie Gray
Speaker Brian Moore (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Internet Security: The Threats, the Myths and the Countermeasures

We are very much in the ‘information age’. Information has therefore become not only a necessity, but also a valuable commodity. The Internet is seen by many organisations (and home users) as a relatively inexpensive alternative to private network infrastructure and leased lines. The Internet provides many organisations with acceptable bandwidth and relatively reliable communication; however, there is a major risk - security. Maintaining information and network security are complex areas within the fields of information theory, computer science, networked and distributed systems and information technology.

The aim of this talk is to discuss the threats, attacks and some of the myths being propagated about Internet Security. Whilst it is accepted that it is not possible to eliminate all threats or attacks, there are countermeasures that can be used against particular attacks and this should not prevent us trying to stop systems being compromised. Discussion will be encouraged !

"The usual light buffet at 6.00 pm will include special and scrumptious Christmas fare"

The above information can also be downloaded here: (PDF doc)

*** Please note the change of venue *** Map of Location


The BCS/IET Turing Lecture 2007

Date Thursday 25th January 2007
Time 5:45 for 6:30 pm
Location IET Scottish Engineering Centre, The Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow - Map of Location
Convenor BCS HQ
Speaker Grady Booch (IBM Rational Software) - by Web Conference Link

The presentation will examine, the promise, the limits, and the beauty of software, as well as offer some conclusions that can be drawn from the last 60 years of software and some expectations and cautions for the next generation.

*** Please note this is event is bookable ***

Register online at: http://www.turinglecture.org.uk/

Our on line bookings are being processed by kind permission of WY Milne Associates Ltd

Map of Location

Turing lecture poster


making wonders

Date Monday 5th February 2007
Convenor Ann Mair
Speaker Norman Wagstaffe (University of Strathclyde)

making wonders - helping the education of the blind and low vision children in Malawi.

Malawi educational computing is part of the Malawi Millenium Project

(Virtual lecture web casting)


Ayr Inaugural Meeting - Making Biometric solutions work

Date Tuesday 13th February 2007
Time 6:00 pm - Light refreshments
Location Ayr College, Dam Park, Ayr KA8 0EU Map of Location
Convenor Dr Iain R White 0845 1665701 IainRWhite {at} bcs.org.uk
Speaker Video of talk by Prof Angela Sasse (UCL)

The increased need for security has furthered the case for biometrics, which is seen as a strong proof of identity. At the same time, some prospective users have doubts on the reliability of the technology, and concerns about privacy and identity theft. The lecture will examine recent proposals for biometric verification of documents (passports and ID cards) and the setting up of a National Identity Register, which would contain such information. To be successful, the technology must function reliably, offer increased convenience, and be perceived to be more secure than current forms of identification and authentication. Based on the results of recent field trials, the reliability, performance and usability of current biometric systems will be discussed. The lecture will also review problems that some individuals and user groups have encountered, and identify improvements that are required to make biometric solutions effective, usable and acceptable.

Prof. Angela Sasse is an expert of world renown. She is professor of Human centred Technology in the computing science department at University College London.

Uniquely she combines a doctorate in Computing Science with a Masters in Occupational Psychology.

More recently she was an expert adviser to the home affairs committee on ‘Identity Cards’ and has conducted biometric systems field trials for the Federal German Government.

Map of Location - On entering Ayr College, the IT Building is ahead of you to the right. Cars may be parked either in front of the building or round the back.

Please call or email to confirm attendance so that we can order enough coffee and refreshments!


Second Lives: Business, Play and Education in Virtual Worlds

Date Monday 5th March 2007
Convenor Daniel Livingstone
Speaker Daniel Livingstone (University of Paisley)
*** Please note change of talk and speaker ***

Unfortunately the talk "The Semantic Web: Silver bullet or red herring?", is postponed until a later date.

Our replacement talk "Second Lives: Business, Play and Education in Virtual Worlds" will be given by Dr Daniel Livingstone.


Today millions of subscribers spend large portions of their time immersed in 3D virtual worlds. World of Warcraft, a massively-multiplayer online game, alone has over 7 million subscribers world-wide. Things have come a long way since the text-based MUD and MOO adventure games of the 80's. Second Life, in contrast to such games, presents us with a virtual world without goals - there is no game to be played other than what it's users choose to do. Yet it has seen recent phenomenal growth and leading IT companies (IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Sun, Microsoft, Dell and so on!) have been building their own spaces inside this virtual world, alongside increasing numbers of Universities and other organisations. What is the attraction for ordinary users, and what is the attraction for businesses and universities?


Protecting your bits - in defence of digital liberties

Date Monday 2nd April 2007
Convenor Calum Morrell
Speaker Becky Hogge (Open Rights Group)

Communicating Computer Science

Politicians and the media often don't understand new technologies, but comment and legislate anyway. The result can be ill-informed writing and dangerous policy. The Open Rights Group helps technology experts enter the public debate, clarify problems and steer decisions in the right direction.

But what happens when the issues of the day relate to complex problems in computer science? The rush to "modernise" the electoral system, with electronic voting and counting machines, is a case in point. How can a technologically-minded organisation simplify the message that electronic voting isn't workable, without coming across as Luddites? And what happens when the battle to stop computerised voting in democratic elections pitches one group of cryptographic "experts" against another?

Becky Hogge, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, shares her experience of ORG's anti-electronic voting campaign, identifying the pleasures and the pitfalls of communicating computer science.


Digital Design Studio visit

Date Monday 16th April 2007
Time 3pm at House for an Art Lover
Location Digital Design Studio, Bellahouston Park, 10 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow G41 5BW
Convenor Sean Mackay
Speaker DDS Staff

Presentation and a range of demos.

Enter via cafe and take lift to 2nd floor. Come a few minutes early for tea and coffee.

Duration: 2 hours.

Numbers: Due to the limited space available for some of the interactive demos, the visit is limited to 20 members only

This event is bookable: For BCS Members only

"The Digital Design Studio (DDS) was established in 1997 as a specialist postgraduate and research centre at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and now has an international reputation for research and teaching in advanced digital technologies.

Situated in the impressive Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed "House for an Art Lover" in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, a short distance from the main GSA campus, the DDS provides a focused postgraduate environment in which new ideas can flourish."

The visit will include a presentation by DDS researchers and demonstrations of a number of systems in use and in development.

Map and location info:


Digital Forensics

Date Monday 14th May 2007
Convenor Sean Mackay
Speaker Russell May

The Glasgow Branch are pleased to be able to bring you a recorded presentation taken by the Tayside BCS Branch in January 2007 of a talk entitled "Digital Forensics" given by Russell May. Mr May was previously the Head of Birmingham Police Force's High Tech Crime Unit, and since 2002 has been with a Forensics Software Company based in Pasedena, California. Russell is a prestigious and international speaker, and during his presentation outlines the principles of Digital Forensics, together with a live demonstration of various techniques.

The retrieval of electronic evidence from computer storage systems, that is acceptable in a Court of Law, has become an important part of crime fighting in recent times. Russell May has generously given permission for the BCS to use this recording exclusively for use as part of a BCS organised event.

This promises to be both a cutting-edge and thought provoking talk, and one not to be missed!


BCS Glasgow Branch AGM 2007 + Annual ICT Jobs Review)

Date Monday 4th June 2007
Chair Bill Milne
Speaker Gordon Kaye (Computer Futures)

Gordon Kaye of Computer Futures will discuss the state of the Scottish IT job market and the future of Computing Careers in Scotland. This event will be of particular interest to graduates and final year students -- come along and find out what you could be doing with your future!

The presentation itself will be followed by the Branch Annual General Meeting. As with all of our events at the Lord Todd tea, coffee and sandwiches are provided beforehand from around 6:00pm to give members a chance to catch-up and network.


BCS Glasgow Branch - Jubilee Events

Date Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd June 2007

Two days of lectures from world class speakers, exhibitions, gala dinner and civic reception. Full programme details are at www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/50/diary.cfm

On line bookings are available via: BCS HQ booking system

Or navigate to the BCS HQ Events calendar for June

Please note: (1) The BCS Booking systems permits a member to book himself/herself and a single guest. (2) If members book with BCS HQ they get the discount rate for the Gala Dinner.

For multiple guest bookings, table sponsorship deals, special requirements and any difficulty with booking please refer to the BCS Event Management Team at (01793 417 427).

Once, and only after, your dinner bookings are confirmed please select your Menu choice for each dinner on line at: www.wymilne.com/events.asp

It is hoped that as many members will take this opportunity to attend these stimulating and dazzling events.