BCS Glasgow Branch Golden Jubilee

50 Years of Computing at Glasgow

Both the BCS Glasgow and the School of Computing at Glasgow University are celebrating their 50th Jubilee this year.

Consequently we are mounting a joint programme of celebrations on 22nd and 23rd of June this year. Dr. Stuart Feldman head of computer science at IBM, Prof Keith van Rijsbergen , and Prof Mike Williams (University of Calgary) are but a few of our world stage contributors. The theme of the conference will be "Computing 50 years on and still onwards"

In addition to lectures there will be exhibitions and demos of computing past and future. On the social side there is a premium Gala dinner and BCS members and their partners are invited to a civic reception hosted by the Lord Provost.

Full programme details are at www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/50/diary.cfm

On line bookings are available via: BCS HQ booking system

Or navigate to the BCS HQ Events calendar for June

Please note: (1) The BCS Booking systems permits a member to book himself/herself and a single guest. (2) If members book with BCS HQ they get the discount rate for the Gala Dinner.

For multiple guest bookings, table sponsorship deals, special requirements and any difficulty with booking please refer to the BCS Event Management Team at (01793 417 427).

Once, and only after, your dinner bookings are confirmed please select your Menu choice for each dinner on line at: www.wymilne.com/events.asp

It is hoped that as many members will take this opportunity to attend these stimulating and dazzling events.

Glasgow Founds Computer Society

The forerunner of the British Computer Society was the London Computer Group, founded in 1956. The BCS was formed a year later from the merger of the LCG and an unincorporated association of scientists into an unincorporated club. In October 1957, BCS was incorporated, by Articles of Association, as the British Computer Society Ltd: the First President of BCS was Dr Maurice Wilkes, FRS.

In 1957, the University of Glasgow appointed Dr (later Professor) Dennis C. Gilles to establish a computing laboratory and entered the history books as the first university in Scotland to have an electronic computer.

Later in 1957 the Glasgow Branch of the British Computer Society was founded. The inaugural meeting of the BCS Glasgow Branch held in Glasgow on 11th November 1957 was chaired by Dr Gilles, Director of the Computing Laboratory at Glasgow University.

Pages from 1957 Computer Bulletin: Dr. Gilles page 1 Dr. Gilles page 2 Dr. Gilles page 3